Did you know, many of our pre-owned vehicles still carry manufacturer’s warranty?  Yes that comes with it for free!  You can also add to your manufacturers warranty and purchase an extended length of coverage to provide maximum duration of years and mileage.   Looking at a vehicle that is a bit older?   Great, you have at your disposal a wide range of warranty options, all tailored to your driving habits, points of concern, and budget.  For minimal dollars added to your monthly payment, this can give you peace of mind and certainty for your monthly budget.

Do I really need warranty though?  While no one can foresee the future, a comprehensive warranty is a well thought-out plan for the ‘What If’s’  With Ever- Increasing Electronic complexities, and higher repair costs, it will certainly put your mind at ease, improve your vehicle’s resale value, and of course protect your investment. Some vehicles may also qualify for warranty plans that are partially refundable if not used or required. Don’t miss the opportunity to fully understand the options available to you and to make the choice that protects and best fits your circumstances. Our Finance Department will be happy to spend the time required to assist you in your decision.

Warranty Info