Luxury Car Brands: What do you get for your money?

Luxury Car Brands: What do you get for your money? Ever since I was a little boy my mom would always tell us... Some day kids... I will have a nice, shiny black Mercedes Benz! I could recognize that Logo anywhere... But why? What makes these luxury cars so desirable? Let’s dig in. Build quality Its obvious that luxury car makers have an eye... Read More

How to choose the perfect Family Camper

How to choose the perfect Family Camper. 10 Major Questions to ask yourself (and a whole lot of other questions to think about) So, its time to hit the road and enjoy some hard-earned time off. You deserve it, your family deserves it, your dog deserves it. Let us dive into 10 questions that will narrow your search and help make your camper shopping... Read More

Gas or Diesel

Gas or Diesel? The age-old question many truck buyers have been asking themselves since engines were invented. Gone are the days of the loud, stinky and smoky diesels of yesterday. Driveways across the world are now filled with efficient and sleek torque monsters that can ‘out pull’ a train. But do you really need one? Do the pro’s outweigh the... Read More

How to Read VIN

What is a VIN, and how do I read one? What’s in a VIN? Much like your fingerprint, your vehicle’s VIN number is entirely 100% unique. A universal standard for serial numbering vehicles, camper trailers, motorcycles and powersports - no two VIN’s are exactly alike, although you’ll notice some dominating similarities. An acronym, VIN stands for... Read More