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Auto Show is Winnipeg’s premier automotive experience! Locally owned and operated, we were founded with the belief that a more lighthearted approach to shopping was possible. Too many times we hear dislike expressed for the vehicle purchasing process, and although there are certainly many fine retailers, we consciously wanted to be recognized for being both unique and creative: from a very appealing and diverse product line, to our facility design & décor. Primarily though, we set out to approach sales with an understanding that customers are welcome to shop and tire kick at their pleasure – no expectations of purchase.

So how did we do it? To start, we hired a team of consultants that are salaried (non-commissioned). They’re tasked solely with delivering you outstanding customer service: answering your questions, being your guide, and to work for you. Done by design to provide you an enjoyable and informative experience without the stressful high pressure tactics that can be commonplace throughout the industry.

About Dealership 1

What else? We designed a facility and space like no other: a nature walk through to Fort Whyte Lakes, Winnipeg, a whopping 500 metres of highway frontage with green space, walking bridges, and a few palm trees (yes, palm trees in Manitoba). A very creative environment designed to invoke a presence of something other than an auto dealership… a South-Western motif which will hopefully transport you to your happy place – retro arcade, a ’66 Mustang converted to pool table, and vintage eye-candy everywhere. Our product line is extremely varied, appealing to a wide array of interests: high performance, grand touring, convertibles, beefy lifted trucks, utility and work trucks, diesels, SUV’s and cars, and even RV’s for the camper enthusiasts.

The result? Hundreds of positive reviews, 2021-2023 winner of DealerRater’s Canadian Dealer of the Year award, their six-time (2019-2024) Customer Satisfaction Award recipient, five-time Consumer’s Choice Award (2020-2024), and recognition with the 2020-2024 Top Choice Awards Winnipeg, Manitoba. Our fan-base reaches across North America and attracts consumers as far as Europe and Asia-Pacific. Ultimately though we hope we can meet YOUR expectations, and if we have failed to do so, please call and let one of our managers know. We realize that we are not exempt from making errors, and if we do, we have the responsibility to correct it.

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Our core-beliefs include transparency: we’ve chosen to advertise all-in pricing. With the exception of any optional accessories you might choose, primarily on our trucks (and which will be prominently noted in the ad), the amount listed for your purchase will be the final amount. There will be no: licensing fees, administration charges, documentation, PDI cost, freight, air conditioning tax, tire tax, or any other cost imposed by the dealership. Very simply, just the price plus tax if/where applicable. Insurances and warranties are available on your purchase – which certainly are nice to have where budget allows – however this choice is your option and at your discretion.

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We believe in giving; our mission is to support our community. Each and every month our reach extends beyond fulfilling automotive needs, to supporting causes from amateur athletics, to health initiatives, arts, food, and economic empowerment. Please see our blog for a list of not-for-profit and charitable initiatives we’ve selected in the past, as well as for steps on how to forward a passion of yours for consideration.

We believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect and fairness, always. Your experience with us should be lighthearted and fun, warm and hospitable. Please do come and visit, coffee, popcorn, cookies and a game of pool in the lounge await you.

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