Out-of-Province FAQ

Hello neighbours!  Our clients span from Vancouver Island all the way to St. John’s, Newfoundland, and every where in between.  If you’re a Canadian resident living outside Manitoba, allow us to answer some commonly asked questions!


How do the taxes work?

What about registration?

Insurance?  How do I get it home?

Do you have a shipping option?

Does it come safetied?

Can I finance it?

Anything else I need to know?


I live in (Saskatchewan/Ontario/Etc….) which sales taxes apply to me?

Don’t fret!  Your tax rate is no higher buying in Manitoba, and you won’t be double-taxed.  For the sake of brevity, the total sales tax paid on your purchase will be the same rate due in your home province.  Take an Alberta resident as an example, if the tax rate in your home province is 5% and in Manitoba it’s 13%, you will only be responsible for the 5%.


What about registration?

Here you have two options.  You can choose to coordinate with the registration department in your home province, and we’ll be happy to fax them a title and bill of sale once the vehicle has been paid for. Alternatively, most customers choose to purchase a temporary permit from one of the Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) offices.  These can be issued for durations from 5 up to 30 days, are valid anywhere in Canada or the United States, and provide ample time for you to drive the vehicle home.  Cost of these permits start as low as $38, and can be issued “on the spot” at any of the MPI offices – the closest being a five minute shuttle ride away.


Is my vehicle insured for the trip home?

Most clients choose to purchase a temporary permit from either Manitoba Public Insurance (MPI) or directly from the dealer (us)!  The temporary permits include registration and comprehensive insurance for durations from 5 days to 30, and start as low as $38.  Coverage extends across Canada as well as through the United States.


Is it possible to have my vehicle shipped home instead?

Yes!  We work with a number of logistics firms across Canada.  Both open and closed-top carriers are available, and your purchase is insured all the way to the drop-off location of your choice.  Visit our shipping page for more detail.


Does it come safetied?

With the rare exception of some modified vehicles, your purchase will conform to Manitoba Safety requirements and a Certificate can be provided upon request.  Standards vary from province-to-province across our country, we cannot guarantee conformity with your home province; Manitoba technicians are trained to Manitoba standards only.  It is not uncommon for some work to be required, ranging from window tint to alignment to emissions – if in doubt please consult with your local expert.


What are my finance options?

We have banking partnerships with nearly all major financial institutions across Canada; living outside Manitoba will not limit your options!  Our finance team will find you the best terms possible, you get to pick the repayment schedule, and payments will be debited from your account automatically.  Easy!


Anything else I need to know?

We recognize that purchasing sight unseen involves a degree of trust.  Our mandate is transparency – don’t hesitate to contact one of our consultants for a thorough description, additional photos, history reports, or even a video chat!  These are used vehicles and typically come with some extent of wear, we won’t be shy to point that out.  Who you choose to buy from is important, take the time to read about others’ buying experiences.  We’re confident it’ll put your mind at ease!