Yes we ship! We have arranged delivery to the Northwest Territories, all the way to the East Coast, and even to the islands. Northern Manitoba? No problem! United States? We do that too!

Are kilometers/miles put on my vehicle?
In most cases your vehicle will be transported by car carrier, or even occasionally by rail for part of its journey. The only kilometers accrued will be to and from the pickup/dropoff location for the carrier – usually 100 KMs or less!

Where can my vehicle be delivered?
The carriers can drop off your vehicle at any location convenient to you, provided it is accessible to a large truck (picture the size of a semi trailer). Common locations are commercial parking lots like a Wal-Mart, or directly at the service centre performing your out-of-province inspection. The driver will reach out to you once they’re near and arrange to meet you personally to hand you the keys!

Do I need insurance?
Your purchase will be fully insured during transport. If you’re hoping to drive your new vehicle for a few days before arranging insurance in your home province, please ask us for an Interim Permit; this will provide you with up to seven days of registration and insurance for $38.

What does it cost?
We work with multiple providers and leverage our volume to obtain a discounted rate for you! Each request is unique, subject to variance in the price of fuel and the size of the load. Typically though if you were to add up a flight, hotel, fuel and meals – you’ll be ahead of the game with shipping, plus the savings in time and no additional miles on your vehicle.

How can I pay?
Most commonly our clients will choose to have the cost of shipping included in their financing, the difference it makes to their payments is minimal. Alternatively if you’d prefer no change to your payment at all, all major forms of payment are accepted – even email money transfer!