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    Buying Used Diesel Trucks in Winnipeg

    With so many used diesel trucks in Winnipeg available, it can be tough to know where to start. In your search for pre-owned diesel trucks, you will find yourself choosing from legendary powertrains such as Cummins, Duramax, and Powerstroke engines.

    You will also have to confirm that your chosen used diesel trucks are in great condition and fit your other requirements, such as cabin size, transmission, bed size, and even the entertainment system. You should have no problem finding a great selection of second-hand diesel trucks for sale at Auto Shows Sales & Finance.

    Diesel Trucks Vs. Gas Trucks

    Some used trucks are only available as diesel or gas, although most offer the option of either drive train. The following are just a few of the models that you can find with a gas or diesel engine:

    Used Ford F250, Used Ford F350, Used GMC Sierra 2500, Used GMC Sierra 3500, Used RAM 2500, Used RAM 3500, Used Silverado 2500, Used Silverado 3500.

    As you try to choose whether you want a gas or diesel engine, keep the following differences and considerations in mind. Remember that these are generalizations, and there are exceptions to the rule.

    Initial Cost of Gas or Diesel Trucks

    Whether a gas or diesel engine will cost more depends largely on the engine in question, so this does not have a blanket answer.

    The durability of Diesel Truck Engines

    Diesel engines tend to last longer than gas engines, frequently lasting hundreds of thousands of miles without a problem. This typically comes from the fact that diesel engines have stronger internal components, a necessity for handling higher compression ratios. Of course, gas engines can also last a long time, with one notable tale of a Tundra gas V8 that lasted a million miles.

    Maintenance Cost & Fuel Efficiency

    Although it varies based on the specific engine, you will typically spend more on maintaining a diesel engine than a gas one, giving gas engines an advantage in this respect. This comes from the larger amounts of oil in diesel, as well as numerous extra components and filters. With recent advances, diesel engines have a clear advantage in terms of fuel economy, with some mid-size trucks easily getting 30 mpg. The advantage for diesel engines in terms of efficiency increases the more you load up your truck.

    Towing Vs. Hauling 

    Diesel tends to be the best choice if you prioritize towing abilities, especially given their fuel economy. While diesel engines tend to do better with towing, gas engines tend to be better with hauling. This comes from the lighter weight of gas engines.

    Torque Vs. Acceleration

    Diesel trucks tend to have better torque, a key factor in their greater towing abilities. By contrast, gas engines tend to have more horsepower and better acceleration.

    Short Box vs. Long Box

    Of course this is something only you can answer!  Whether it’s an 8 foot long box for easier fifth wheel towing, or hauling sheets of drywall, or a 6.5 foot short box for easier maneuverability and parking, there’s a good chance you’ll find it at Auto Show!

    Duramax? Cummins? Powerstroke?

    Although we’ll likely never change the mind of a die-hard brand loyal, the reality is Ford, Dodge, and GM all build a pretty great motor these days.  The old 5.9L Cummins diesel has been upgraded to a 6.7L with a ton of torque and reliability, the 6.7L Power stroke is equally potent and for anyone who bleeds blue, it’s obviously the only way to go!  The GMC Sierra HD and Chevrolet Silverado HD both are available with the 6.6L Duramax engine reaching nearly 1000 lb-ft of torque.  If you ask us, they’re all a great choice if you’re going diesel with your next pre-owned truck!

    Auto Show Sales & Finance Used Diesel Trucks Inventory

    Whether you opt for a gas or diesel engine, 2WD or 4WD, short box or long box, Auto Show Sales & Finance has the used RAM 2500 Winnipeg, used RAM 3500 Winnipeg and other models you are interested in. Since we sell used trucks like the used GMC Sierra 2500 Winnipeg, and used GMC Sierra 3500 Winnipeg, our inventory is constantly rotating. That being said, you can typically find dozens of trucks to choose from, from a used Ford F250 Winnipeg, or F350 Winnipeg to a used Toyota Tundra.

    Take a look at our online inventory, and you will likely spot a used Ford F-350 Winnipeg or other diesel truck to fit your requirements. Or come visit our dealership to take a used Silverado 2500 Winnipeg or used Silverado 3500 Winnipeg for a test-drive.