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It’s our responsibility not just as an auto dealership, but as a business in general to support the community that supports us. Of course we need to sell cars, and retain a profit to maintain and support the dealership, its employees and provide for continued growth, however we don’t want to just focus on the monetary aspect. There are many legitimate needs and charities that we can play a small part in helping. Although it is not possible to donate to every cause we want to support those needs that come to our attention that we feel are of a worthy endeavor. connect

Apart from the usual day to day smaller donations and contributions, Auto Show will contribute $1000.00 monthly to aid and support endeavors of a helpful nature within the community. If you are aware of an urgent need or have a request, please email us with further details. We realize this is only a small part of the larger picture, and as we grow as a company, we will be intent on increasing contributions and providing other areas of support and helpfulness.