Winnipeg Harvest

Winnipeg Harvest 1

Winnipeg Harvest is a charitable organization committed to ensuring no Manitoban goes hungry.  In a normal month, we feed 70,000 people including hungry children, hardworking yet struggling families, adults, and seniors through our provincial network of 350+ agencies including food banks, soup kitchens, schools, and daycares, in Winnipeg, rural, northern and First Nations communities.

Your donations matter. Every message liked and shared, every tin in your grocery store bin, every volunteer hour given, every dollar raised keeps our operations open and food flowing to those who need it. You help provide training and other solutions that empower people to step up and out of poverty.  You help educate and inspire others to advocate for food security for all Manitobans. And we thank you!

Our Vision

Working together toward a healthier future for all where no Manitoban goes hungry.


  • Collecting and distributing food
  • Providing client-centered long-term solutions
  • Advocating and informing


C – Compassionate

R – Respect

E – Exceptional

W – Welcoming