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    The Best Pre-Owned Ford F-250 Trucks in Winnipeg

    If you are looking for a dealership dedicated to all your automotive and truck needs, look no further than Auto Show Sales & Finance.  We have the used Ford F-250 truck stock you have been searching for in Winnipeg.

    Ford F-250s are an excellent choice for drivers in the Winnipeg area because they are agile enough to handle any kind of road condition and strong enough to tow heavy loads.  These trucks will hold their value for decades, making them a worthy investment.

    The Ford F-250 is an impressive heavy-duty truck with an array of features, including:

    • All steel chassis with military-grade aluminum body panels
    • Refined cab feel with high-tech systems like backup cameras
    • Towing capacity of anywhere from 15,000 to 34,000 pounds
    • 7.3-litre gas V8 engine with 10-speed automatic transmission

    What People Say About Used Ford F-250 Trucks

    Ford has been a reliable truck manufacturer in the United States and Canada for decades and is a powerhouse in the industry.  Most Ford F-250 truck owners are dedicated Ford enthusiasts who swear by the truck maker’s quality.

    One of the benefits of a used F-250 is that it can come in either a gas or diesel engine depending on your anticipated towing requirements.  It also has a wide variety of bed and cab designs so that you can find one perfectly suited to your needs.

    Used Ford F-250s offer the best of both worlds: a spacious, luxurious cabin and the strength to handle heavy loads.  Ford F-250s also come with the infotainment system, which helps drivers switch navigation and stereo controls and even connects to drivers’ phones for additional benefits. You can see this system firsthand by looking at used F-250s in our showroom.

    Why Pre-Owned Ford F-250s Are Perfect for Winnipeg

    The area of Winnipeg is known for its challenging driving conditions, but the Ford F-250 is one of the best vehicles to handle rugged roads.  Whether there is a foot of snow on the ground or strong winds, a used Ford F-250 can handle the Winnipeg weather all year round.

    The Ford F-250 also comes with standard safety features to keep both you and your passengers safe on the road.  If you are interested in these safety features and how they work, come to our dealership for a hands-on test of the Ford F-250s safety systems.

    We Are Your One-Stop Shop for Used Ford F-250s

    Our dedicated staff are true truck professionals and committed to serving you in the best way possible when you visit our dealership looking for your next used Ford F-250 in Winnipeg.  We have helped dozens of happy customers over the years. We offer everyone a relaxed, friendly environment as they look through our stock.

    The Ford F-250s in our stock are some of the best-used trucks you can find in the Winnipeg region.  We pay special attention to taking care of all the used trucks in our inventory, so you can rest assured that your chosen truck will last you for years.

    Meet Our Used Ford F-250 Winnipeg Team

    Whether you need it for work on a construction site or travelling long distances through the snowy Winnipeg landscape, a pre-owned Ford F-250 can handle anything you throw at it.  It is perfect for towing a fifth wheel for a weekend camping getaway or as a reliable vehicle for everyday commuting.  Ford F-250s provide the best of a durable yet luxurious ride.

    We look forward to assisting you when you come in to see our selection of used Ford F-250s in Winnipeg and answer any questions you might have about these dependable, quality trucks.