Our Name

A company name is an important marketing tool. Brand recognition and product awareness result from a 'well thought out' name and and attractive logo that is clean, simple,  yet aesthetically pleasing and professional. As important as that is, we understand that customers will derive their  recognition and awareness  of a company by more than the name.  It is the friendly greeting, a helpful sales associate, a low pressure approach, a clean, unique and exciting facility, a great selection of product and a genuine concern for each individual,  that will make much more of a lasting impression.!
We chose the name AUTO SHOW as it is intriguing in its connotation.  It can be used as a Noun......denoting a place, a destination,…. with a variety of  interesting Autos…….'A SHOW!

It also carries the verbal  conveyance, …….the act of actually showing  the vehicle........to you the customer.   We hope you also are intrigued with the name and will use it both as a destination......a fun destination where you enjoy  spending some time in our show room, courtyard  and lounge.  And of course,  if we could SHOW you a vehicle while you are here,  that would be even better .


See you at AUTO SHOW!