New and Used Campers & RVs

New and Used Campers & RVs 1

Forget vehicles for a minute!! It’s RV TIME!! ……time to relax and unwind!
Whether you are single, a couple or a rowdy family, you can make a ton of
lasting memories choosing your ‘must see’ destinations in an RV that best suits
your requirements. Late night camp fires and early morning coffee watching the
sun come up in the great outdoors is what camping is all about.
Now, let’s get started!!!


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Auto Show and Leisure are partners with some of the best manufacturers in the industry.
Innovative floor plans and quality construction techniques are what we looked for when choosing Brand New Travel Trailer lines.


We are proud to offer great product lines from both Forest River and Heartland. Shop iconic leading brands such as Salem Hemisphere Travel Trailers and 5th Wheels, Salem Hyper-Lyte, Salem FSX lightweights in both aluminum and fiberglass, FSX toy haulers, Forest River Vibe and Heartlands superbly constructed fiberglass Northland!!

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checkmark On site financing with all major banks. Great terms to suit individual budget.
checkmark Trades are welcome!! WE will be happy to accept your used RV on trade.
checkmark Need help with storage? Auto Show and Leisure will be happy to assist with ‘year round’ storage for your RV.
checkmark Piece of Mind Warranty plans are available on both New and Used RV’s
checkmark Yes, we will also purchase your used RV for cash, or we are able to accept it as a trade on vehicle.
checkmark Special package pricing if you require a truck for your RV purchase.

Browse our inventory of quality used RVs Winnipeg, travel trailers, fifth- wheel Winnipeg at Auto Show Sales and Finance as well as our inventory of new high quality RVs from Heartland North Trail, Forest River Vibe, Forest River Salem Hemisphere, Salem Hyper-Lyte, FSX Lightweights & FSX Toy-Haulers.


Considering purchasing a truck as well? Reduce your payments by up to $100/mo with a combination package, mix & match any truck with any trailer! View our complete inventory of quality preowned gas trucks and diesel trucks.


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    New and Used RVs and Campers Winnipeg


    If you love to travel and have thought about buying an RV or camper, we are on your side.  Recreational vehicles and campers provide one of the best methods to visit many places on the continent.  You can hit the road with your home along for the ride.


    There are a number of places in Winnipeg where you can find RVs and campers, new and used, for sale. Before you start your search, and especially if you are still deciding about the benefits, here are just a few things to consider.


    The Convenience of RV’s and Campers


    First, think about all the conveniences of moving from place to place with enough room to stretch your legs, stopping whenever you like, and no packing and unpacking at each overnight stop. You have your own place to rest, and you are open to staying or leaving at your own pace. You can take in all the sights and stay as long or short as you feel.  You can pull into a rest area and enjoy the beauty of a sunset. There are many wonderful places near Winnipeg where you can spend some R & R without a great deal of effort.


    Campgrounds are plentiful. Most provide hookups for electrical and water, are safe, and have low fees. RVs and campers are great when you just want to go for a few days on private property to enjoy some quiet time or participate in other activities. You also can bring your pets along, so you won’t need to worry about your furry family while you are away. Whether you are a solo traveler, a couple, friends, or a boisterous group with children, you can experience the great outdoors in comfort and at your own pace.


    Find Your Dream RV with Our Expert Assistance


    If all of this sounds exciting, visit We have knowledgeable staff who are happy to answer your questions and provide sound advice about your plans.  We stock a wide range of both new and used RVs, campers for sale in Winnipeg, and accessories. That means you have prime choices in floor plans and amenities.


    Purchasing an RV or a camper can be personal. Both new and used campers in Winnipeg are part of our rotating inventory. We pride ourselves on our reputation for fair dealing and quality merchandise. Read about our consumer satisfaction awards, Google reviews and other important posts. Many of our customers are happy to refer new buyers to our dealership.


    Finance Your Dream New or Used RV with Ease at Auto Show in Winnipeg


    Discuss the options with our financing team.  When you find the right RV or camper on our lot, we understand it will be a significant financial expenditure.  We are ready with options and are happy to work out the best deal on the sale of a new or used recreational vehicle here in Winnipeg.


    Discover the Joys of RV Ownership

    Owning an RV or camper can be a life-changing experience. Not only does it provide you with the freedom to travel and explore, but it also offers comfort, convenience, and affordability. Auto Show Winnipeg is the perfect place to start your new or used RV or camper-buying journey. With a wide range of new and used recreational vehicles, campers, and accessories, we have something for everyone.


    Our knowledgeable staff is here to help you find your dream RV, and our financing team is ready to help you make it a reality. Don’t miss out on this exciting opportunity to embark on a new adventure and make memories that will last a lifetime. Visit us today at and let us help you turn your travel dreams into reality.