About Us

AUTO SHOW is Winnipeg's newest……most exciting…… most creative……. and most unique dealership!!  At least that is what WE will tell you! …………however you will need to check that out for yourself. AUTO SHOW sales and finance is the first building constructed in the new "Lakes of Fort Whyte " business park. This will be a prestigious 21 acre site which will feature professional business space with lake view lots bordering the "Fort Whyte Nature Center"  Our dealership customers will benefit from other future plans such as  a convenient MPI auto pac location, coffee and latte shop,  car wash and service center, as well as other commercial and professional offices. We place a high priority on landscape and design, thus the completed park will be a scenic oasis within the bustling and fast growing commercial sector of Tuxedo and South West Winnipeg. This area is the premier retail shopping destination within Manitoba, featuring retail giants like Ikea, Costco, The new Seasons OF Tuxedo 100 store outlet mall that is soon opening, and countless other major retailers, boutiques and specialty locations.

Your auto shopping need not inconvenience you, or take you far from your other shopping requirements. Our intent is to have a comprehensive vehicle inventory of 200  plus vehicles, with an emphasis on trucks......... both gas and  diesel..........and of course some custom and lifted!. The ownership and staff  have decades of experience selling, purchasing, importing and exporting all types of trucks, trucks, and more trucks! Yes, we will also have a comprehensive  selection of SUV's, cars and specialty vehicles as well. Please bear with us as we endeavour to build and add inventory, however if we do not have what you are specifically looking for at present, we will gladly assist you in finding and or financing that vehicle. AUTO SHOW also specializes in any auto related import and export requirement that you may have, and will gladly assist you in Cross Border issues or problems that you may encounter. 

Our priority at AUTO SHOW is simple. We desire to provide courteous service to both customers and non customers alike. Further to that, we have developed one of the most unique and creative atmospheres anywhere to be found in the auto business!! ………simply in order to provide a light hearted,  entertaining and relaxed shopping experience. Auto shopping is not on everyone's favourite "to do list" ..........we understand that and try to convey that knowledge in both our facility and our approach to sales. The Palm trees you see inside and out are a distinctive disconnect from our day to day Winnipeg landscape, and hopefully it will transport you ever so briefly to a sunnier place.  You are simply welcome to come in, grab a coffee, cookies, fresh buttered popcorn and enjoy the Vintage Winnipeg nostalgia in the surroundings.......muse at the original wall art from renowned Canadian artist, Charlie Johnson-C 5 Art Works, play vintage arcade games in the customer lounge, sit in front of the fireplace ...... watching  high def "Velocity Speed channel" on the 80 inch flat screen, or play pool on a '65' retro Mustang pool table!!  Yes, this is still an auto dealership!! 

We also desire to be unique .........in what we state. We make no claims to have the best vehicles, to have the cheapest vehicles, to sell the most vehicles, to have the most knowledgeable sales staff,  or to be the best dealership in the city.  We are a well  funded, financially stable business that does not need to make the boldest, biggest or best claims. We don't set target numbers for our sales staff as we would rather both the sales staff and you the customer be free of high pressure tactics. Yes, we do want to sell…….. but would rather have shoppers happy with being able to look at their leisure, window shop, kick tires and just enjoy their stay.

We would be amiss if we didn't note that there are many good dealerships in the city, with good vehicles and a great sales staff. We will even state that  some of our vehicles will break down! Yes, we did say that. It would be dishonest and unrealistic to state otherwise. New and used vehicles break down every day on a regular basis. In fact new manufacturer warranty departments are filled to capacity. We do however, hope to help facilitate and be a liaison with your warranty company in order to eliminate as much expense and down time as possible. We understand that there can be disappointments...... cold weather, repairs, finances and hectic schedules cause distress……and vehicles that break down just add to that. We do understand that!  Our desire is to helpful, and even in a disagreement be courteous and professional. We also would want to know anytime that you feel that is not being conveyed.

Thank you for taking the time to read about our dealership. We offer full service financing, insurance and warranty, will accept trades, and also will simply just purchase your vehicle if you have an auto for sale. Please drop by at any time.............3165 McGillivray Blvd. only two minutes West from Costco at the Kensaton and McGillivray intersection.  We would be pleased to help or assist you in any manner.  

See you at.............

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